Bible Quest 2014
(A Bible Quiz for Youths on the Book of Genesis)

Date : Sunday, June 1, 2014
Time : 4.00 pm

Venue :
Church of  Christ,
Bangalore Bible College,
210-B, Ramanashree Chambers,
II Floor, 37, Lady Curzon Road,
Shivajinagar, Bangalore – 560 001.  


Genesis is the book of beginnings!
It chronicles the creation of the world, the universe and the earth. It reveals the plan within God's heart to have a people of His very own, set apart to worship Him. It sets the stage for the rest of the Bible, telling us God's plan for His creation. Genesis reveals the nature of God as Creator and Redeemer; the value of a human life - created in God's image and for His purpose; the terrible consequences of disobedience and sin - separating man from God; and the wonderful promise of salvation and forgiveness through the coming Messiah.
Many of the great questions of life are answered in Genesis. (1) Where did I come from? (God created us - Genesis 1:1) (2) Why am I here? (we are here to have a relationship with God -Genesis 15:6) (3) Where am I going? (we have a destination after death - Genesis 25:8). Genesis appeals to the scientist, the historian, the theologian, the housewife, the farmer, the traveler, and the man or woman of God.
It is a fitting beginning for God's story of His plan for mankind, the Bible.


Quiz Rules:

Quiz Rewards : (per Team)

I Prize
: Rs. 5000/- 
II Prize : Rs. 3000/- 
III Prize : Rs. 2000/-

Trophies, Participation prizes and certificates

Quiz Co-ordinator:

Jay Swamidass - 9880705996
(If the above number is not reachable, please leave an SMS saying you are interested in particpating in the quiz)

The Quiz is conducted by the Church of Christ, a Bible-based, non-denominational
local congregation, seeking to restore New Testament Christianity in all its simplicity and purity.
The objective of the Quiz is to encourage youth to read the word of God, discover the
wonderful things that God has done & learn valuable lessons from the Bible.

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